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About Merick

We delight in making the impossible a reality. 

No dream is too big.

MERICK is a consulting and production agency with expertise in large-scale performances, special events, fundraising, and uniting the corporate and nonprofit sectors in unique and exciting partnerships while simultaneously benefiting the communities they call home.​

Meet the Merick Team

Mela Dailey
Rick Gabrillo
Liz Howard
Mela Sarajane Dailey
Merick Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Little Headshot.jpg
Kevin Little
Chief Operating Officer
Staci McIntyre
Executive Assistant
Tracy Robinson
Paul Beutel
Liz Howard
Coordinator of Ambassador Alliance
Tracy Robinson
Senior Consultant
Paul Beutel
Production Consultant
_DSC1493A (1).jpg
Melissa Eddy
Marcia Levy
Senior Consultant
Stacy McIntyre
Merick logo - Jan 2019.jpg
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